New Teeth, New Smile and A Great Holiday


Our Prices are:

Treatment Cost
Oral examination Free
Panoramic X-ray 20€
Snoring plate 350€
Night Guard 80€
Tooth Extraction 50-150€
Tooth Cleaning 50-80€
Composite Filling 50-85€
Ceramic Filling (Inlay) 150€
Fiber Post Application 60€
Root Canal Treatment  70-150€
Ceramic Crown 150€
Zirconia Crown 300€
Full Porcelain Crown 350€
Laminate Veneer 350€
Dental Implants *** 450-700€
Removable Dentures 600-700€
Implant Supported Dentures 800-950€
Temporary Dentures 200€
Gum Aesthetics 40€/tooth
Tooth Whitening 300-350€

For more detailed information about the procedures, please click on the treatment method.

*** Price differs according to the implant brandmark. 

If you have more questions about our other treatment methods, please contact us.