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Removable Dental Prosthesis

Implant Supported Removable Dentures

Removable dentures with dental implant supports are often applied to the edentulous patients that have insufficient jawbone structure and thickness for fixed prosthesis over implants (see About Dental Implants).


Implant supported removable dentures have significant advantages over conventional removable dentures:

-  Unwanted movement of the denture in the mouth is greatly reduced,

-  Depending on the reduction of the denture mobility; food accumulation is less, speech with the dentures is enhanced and the need for denture adhesives is eliminated compared to conventional dentures,

-  Immobility of dentures by the support of dental implants increases chewing activity. Chewing difficulties encountered in conventional dentures is reduced dramatically, thus digestive system problems are reduced,

-  Mobility of conventional dentures may cause unwanted forces on the jawbones that may lead to acceleration of bone resorption. However, implant supported dentures have stimulating effect on jawbones as a result of dispersing chewing forces to the jawbones over implant supports. Hence, bone resorption is reduced,

-  Implat supported removable dentures are prepared in smaller volumes than conventional dentures. Smaller volumes increases the comfort of the dentures,

-  Because of all those reasons mentioned above, implant supported dentures improve patient’s life quality and contributes to their self-esteem.


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